Gaelcoin is a cryptocurrency for Ireland. It is based on Litecoin 0.8.6 and is 1% premined. These premined coins will allow for 100.000 Irish Residents to experience cryptocurrencies as 50 Gaelcoins or GAC for short will be given away to them.

The benefits of Gael Coin

  • Nearly instant transactions with a nearly impossible risk of fraud due to the unbreakable security Cryptocurrencies have to offer
  • Mine-able by everyone however Irish Residents receive 50 Gaelcoins for free
  • Zero or very low processing fees when sending Gaelcoins around the world

Fair Mining

640 Million Gaelcoins (GAC) will be created by people like you through a process called mining. 1% has been pre-mined; 5 Million of that will be divided between the first 100,000 Irish Citizens. The remaining GAC will be used for further development of the coin, marketing and merchant services in Ireland.

Full Time Development

This foundation supports Gaelcoin and treats it like the business it is- forming new partnerships on a daily basis, constantly improving our open source codebase, and interacting with a global community in real-time.

Integration Assistance

Working on a web or software project and thinking about integrating Gaelcoin? Developers are standing by to help. You may be eligible for a bounty reward, our way of thanking you.

 Download and Try

You can download the wallet software in our download page and then start claiming your 50 Free Gaelcoins if you are a resident in Ireland